Splashing of the waves, a warm summer breeze, the last gleams of the setting sun.Isn’t it a perfect setting for a summer date? Would you prefer a dinner in a candlelit restaurant or an improvised picnic on a secluded beach? Whatever your choice, this romantic summer outfit with a white sleeveless summer dress is just great for a seaside evening. The low heel lilac sandals look chic for a restaurant and comfortable for a long moonlight walk along the sea. Get yourself wrapped in the Sound of Infinity scarf to feel cosy when it gets cooler at night. The whole outfit has a flare of romance and sweetness and sets the mood for enjoying your night out. Click on the little product icons below for the details of each item.
Romantic Summer Outfit in White and Purple featuring Sound of Infinity Scarf
Karen Millen Lace Summer DressRaye mid-heel shoesTadashi Shoji flower clutchAvanti cuff bangleFlower jewelryNatural Silk Scarf Sound of Infinity by Aithne

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