“The process of my work is a spiritual research into my true inner nature bringing the mind to a state of oneness with all existence that expresses itself through me. The main source of inspiration is the Nature with all its complexity. And the world of dreams revealing itself through some of my works is a part of it. I hope that through paintings I am able to bring to you that sense of deep presence and connection with nature that flows through me in the process of work.”

Ararat Petrossian

I believe that an artist, any creator actually, leaves a part of his soul in his creations. I know the value of bringing that transformative touch of Ararat’s paintings to my home. Nevertheless, I do realise that the original paintings, no matter how unique and potent, are available only to the lucky few. One day about a year ago I got a chance to bring that beauty and energy of creation to many.

My name is Lia and “Aithne” is a family venture with Ararat, my uncle. And here is how it all started in Ararat’s studio in the small southern town of Elne in French Languedoc-Rousillon.

Aithne - Art on Scarf - Our Story

How the paintings got transformed into scarfs

– This could be a marvellous scarf. Just imagine it on silk. All the reliefs, tinges…

I had arrived a day ago from London to visit Ararat and this was the first time I saw the new series of paintings that he just started. The painting in front of me fascinated me. The desire to touch the surface was unbearable. The texture of it reminded volcanic cliffs created by some magical force of nature. The deep shades of blue, the light from within. “Vibrations of the Universe” created by a person who contains the Universe in himself.

"Vibrations of Ultramarine" by Ararat Petrossian

“Vibrations of Ultramarine” by Ararat Petrossian

My imagination didn’t stop there. I moved around the painting as if it were a mirror, talking non-stop about the world of grey suits under the grey London sky, the glass skyscrapers and endless meetings, about my world, so lacking a bit more colour, brightness and feminine touch. I already pictured myself there wrapped in light and sensual blue.

Aithne - Art on Scarf - Our Story

Ararat listened attentively, a bit perplexed but curious. Then he smiled and just said:

– Why don’t you try it?

Now it was my turn to be surprised. Really? That easy?

So often in our life, we lack somebody around who could encourage us just to try even if it’s just a fantasy that lights up the eyes. Ararat knows that so well. As a child in a small Armenian town in the middle of the Cold War, he had to fight hard to follow his dream of being an artist and living in Paris.

Creation of Aithne – Art on Scarf

The idea was left hanging in midair for some time. But the images of light silk transforming the simple office dress into an eye-catching look for theatre or date kept reappearing. In the meantime, the collection of paintings in the new series of “Vibrations of the Universe” expanded. Ararat was preparing for an exhibition. Most of the paintings that I saw just started were now ready to be presented to the public. So I felt that the time has come.

We started researching the technologies of printing on fabric, ordering samples of materials and prints, getting encouraged and then disappointed in the quality. Until one day, just in time for the launch of Ararat’s exhibition, I got the first pilot batch of scarfs that left me speechless. The colours were enchanting. The reliefs and textures of the painting got transformed into unexpected blurs conveying the sense of deepness.

Aithne - Art on Scarf - Our Story

Will Ararat love them as much as I did? I flew to France with these thoughts taking the scarfs to meet the paintings.

And now I write these lines after returning from the exhibition of “Vibrations of the Universe” in Musée Terrus in Elne. Moving from painting to painting, wrapped either in the dark deepness of the starlight night or transparent playfulness of coral sea, I couldn’t help feeling that unity and connection that Ararat talks about.

Aithne – Art on Scarf – Products and Mission

I believe that when we feel beautiful, the whole world around us transforms.

We produce the scarfs from the natural silk of highest quality and use the direct printing technology that allows conveying the full range of colours that make the paintings unique.

Combined with base items of the capsule wardrobe, the scarfs can serve for a long time and create unforgettable outfits, reducing consumption and thus protecting the Nature that is one with us.

We are based in the UK, deliver worldwide and look forward to sharing that energy and colour extravaganza with you and seeing how your eyes light up from the sensual tickling of the silk on the skin.

If the message of “Aithne” presenting Ararat’s art on scarfs feels close to your heart, please visit our shop and let’s stay in touch.