With days getting cooler sometimes I catch myself just wishing to jump into a sweat-shirt or wrap in something warm and cosy. But looking around at magical colour extravaganza designed by nature to celebrate this magnificent time of the year, it feels a bit unrespectful to hide in a cocoon. And who says that you can’t be warm and cosy with style?

I’ve compiled this simple but elegant casual autumn outfit with denim blue base and knitted cream vest. Medium heel suede boots and accessories add an elegant touch to it. Megan Auman leaf-like earrings are just a magnificent manifestation of autumn leaves. And with the days getting shorter and greyer and the nights darker, the Flames in Darkness silk scarf just reminds us about the brightness of autumn colours and magic of starlight. Click on the little product icons below for the details of each item of the outfit.

Elegant Casual Autumn Outfit Idea

Splendid belted vestAcquaverde jeansSCOOP BACK SLIM FIT TOP Karen MillenTory Burch brown leather ankle bootiesZAC Zac Posen shoulder strap bagMegan Auman Leaf like Cut out earringsSquare silk scarve Flames in Darkness by AIthne
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