There is no doubt that the square silk scarf is one of the most practical accessories able to add that little extra character to any outfit. But when it comes to choosing the right size of it, we are often at a loss. It’s not easy to imagine the difference between 50 and 60 cm without trying straight away, is it? Let alone visualise how the scarf will look tied in a specific way with that fabulous blue dress that you save for special occasions. And wouldn’t it be nice if you could also wear it to work? A little bit of brightness wouldn’t harm the overall greyness of the office, would it?

The standard sizes offered by brands for square silk scarfs range from 40-50cm for small scarfs, 60-70cm for medium scarfs and 80-100 cm for large scarfs. Some brands also offer an extra-large size that is normally between 130 and 140 cm. Here at Aithne, we offer 3 sizes that are right in the middle of the range. Our smallest scarfs are 45cm, the medium ones are 65cm and the large ones are 85cm. We will soon be offering extra-large size of 135cm for some of the designs as well.

So let’s start with seeing how big each size looks when tied the same way. And then we’ll discuss what size is best for different types of outfits and different occasions. If you look at the first row of the picture below, you’ll see the 3 sizes of Aithne scarfs tied into a simple triangle on an 8-10 size mannequin (European 36-38, US 6-8). While the 45×45 looks quite tight and neat, the medium one is already large enough to become a statement accessory. If you’d really like to wrap yourself in silk, then the large size is the way to go. You can still style it in a number of different ways to look neat even for a formal professional look, like a bow tie below or the chic triangle Paris.

Aithne - How to Choose the Size of a Square Silk Scarf

Now when you have a visual feel of how big each of the scarfs is, you are well equipped to choose the right size for you. While the rest is more a question of taste and individual style rather than hard and fast rules, here are few thoughts on each of the sizes.

The small size scarf or a neckerchief as it is often called is great when you want to add a little bit of extra colour and brightness to formal professional outfit in a setting when bigger scarfs might look overwhelming. It also goes nicely with higher neckline casual jackets and tops and is an easy way to look elegant even when wearing jeans. While with smaller scarfs you are not as spoilt for choice of the ways to tie it as with the larger sizes, there is still a number of ways to style it. And you don’t have to wear it only around your neck. A small square scarf can look great in your hair, underline your individuality when wearing around your wrist with a casual outfit and even decorate your bag.

The medium size scarf is the most practical one for me. You can still tie it neatly and drape easily for a professional look (like on the picture to the left), but you have more choice of how to wear it. The simplest option is to fold it into a triangle and just put it around your shoulders (like on the picture to the right), and you’ve already made a huge difference into a simple outfit for a special occasion. All the different ways to wear it in your hair, decorating your wrist or bag apply here as well but you can be more creative with styling the scarf.

The large size scarf is the way to add a splash of luxury and colour to any outfit. If you don’t have much time to carefully plan an outfit or change after a day in the office for a special occasion, just put on a large scarf over a simple dress and make your way to catch some admiring looks. It is also nice to wrap yourself at a rooftop party on a cool summer night. And if you’d like to be a tiny bit more daring with your office outfit, try the chic bow tie or the triangle Paris either on the side or on the front. Here you can go crazy with a number of ways to wear your scarf, but it can also be more time-consuming and require more practice to make it look fabulous.

Aithne - How to Choose the Size of a Square Silk Scarf4

Hope this article has made your choice of the size of the scarf a little easier. What was your favourite one? All the scarfs featured in this article are now available for pre-order in Aithne shop. If you’d like more style inspiration or ideas what to wear for different occasions, check our Outfit Ideas section.

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